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Joe was a good boy
He was always tellin' the truth and helping others
He wasn't stupid, he could read and he read a lot
Actually he was smarter than most people in town
If not than everyone

You could see him by the river reading poems and novels or upon the hill from where you can see the whole town
He liked observin' people and he knew everything about everybody
Sometimes more than themselves knew and maybe that lost him

But that night when the whole town went to the festival by the lake, Joe stayed in town to watch the stars from the hill

Suddenly he heard a scream
It came from the Turner's house where the only light was seen
In a while it went over and over and few times like that
Joe ran down and crept to Turner's back doors
He put the ear to them and heard :
"This is the end honey, this is the end of your life!" He grabbed the axe stuck into stump
He charged by the door and saw Jeffery Turner, the mayor, take the knife He was about to swing it

Stay there where you hide Joe
What you did it wasn't wrong
Moon is your allie
Don't walk out till the night covers the world

Joe hit the axe to his neck
Birds flew up and the moon lighted the head on the floor
which had rolled like a ball
You could read from those dead eyes how many girls he hurt and killed
Joe knew that but nobody belived him and Mrs Turner
who was crying and thanking all the time

So Joe had to run away
and he ran
through the fields
through the deserts and forests
like a lost wolf
the moon was showing the way
and the night protected him


released May 22, 2018


all rights reserved



Blue Willmingtons Poland

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